Travelers: Season 3 - My Review

December 18, 2018 Stéphanie 0 Comments


Okay. Here is my reaction about the third season of 'Travelers' and all that, in all honesty. During the first episodes of this season, I must admit that I struggled to hang and to be interested in the story that was told. I struggled to pin down the main story and I chained the episodes without being very enthusiastic. I found not much interest unfortunately in the story around the faction that I found less exploited. Similarly, I found that the main characters were not highlighted enough for some, I found that their personal stories had been set aside in this new season. I've missed stories around Kat, Grace, David, Carly, Marcy and more.

However. From episode 8, I found back this immense interest I had for this show, and I plunged into the episodes as in the first two seasons. I was totally overwhelmed by the latest episodes that are in my eyes right now (yes, expect from me to see again this season to refine my opinion) the best of this last season. Shit. The shooting against David and the archivist shocked me. Then, this thin hope in which I saw David survive while he was just dying slowly. Damn. David's death. I am still completely upset. 

Then we come to the final episode, I still have my belly completely knotted. Shit. ALL of these actors are so talented. My heart broke once again when Marcy killed herself.

Then came this new hope for the whole team, the hope of starting all over again. And here we come back 17 years ago. SHIT. Really ? I can tell you one thing, I watch too many series. And only a few creators/writers have the audacity to do what those of 'Travelers' have done. Forget the three seasons to start all over again. Oh my God. It's fantastic. It's huge. I want a fourth season. Just one last season to close this series because it can not stop now. No. I have seen too many beautiful series stop on such a cliffhanger.

Guys. You must renew this series. Because despite a season that I found a little bland (and this is only my own opinion), the latest episodes have been so amazing. These last episodes have raised the level more than I could have hoped for. I'll finish this review by mentioning the meeting of Marcy and David in the bus... Guys, you managed to glue again pieces of my heart that had been broken.

So. Renew this series.

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