Music video for 'About You' filming today

Today (January 29, 2019) MacKenzie and her team will be filming the music video for 'About You'. Below, you can see the video of MacKenzie announcing it (from her instagram stories).


Happy Birthday MacKenzie Porter! (2019)

Today’s a special day– It’s MacKenzie's Birthday! MacKenzie turns 29 years old today and we wish her an amazing day, full of love and surrounded by her loved ones. We are very proud of everything MacKenzie has accomplished so far and we can only wish for more and more success as we’re sure that will happen as this year promises to be MacKenzie's year!

For this special day, I've made a video where I've combined some scenes from her TV career as well as more than 50 messages from her fans around the world!

MacKenzie Porter to attend 'Athletes and Artists Play for Kids' (March 1-2, 2019)

MacKenzie Porter will be attending 'Athletes and Artists Play for Kids' on March 1-2, 2019. (This event is a Special Charity Weekend with the 2019 Orioles and Nashville's Music Row )

March 1, 2019

Orioles vs. Rays: 1:05 PM at Ed Smith Stadium | Fourth Annual NASHVILLE'S MUSIC ROW COMES TO THE BALLPARK Charity Benefit

  1. VIP Cocktail reception at 6:30 PM at the Orioles Training Complex
  2. VIP Nashville's Music Row Songwriter Round

Hosted by Dreamlined Entertainment Songwriter Margaret Valentine with Nashville Legend, Songwriters Hall of Fame and GRAMMY-Winning Hit Maker Desmond Child,AMA-Winning and SESAC Nashville Music Awards Songwriter of the Year Matt McGinn,Musician-Actress MacKenzie Porter, Rolling Stone Artist You Need to Know Ryan Beaver and special guests.

March 2, 2019

Party in the Outfield Featuring Country Sensation COLE SWINDELL
Whose "Break Up In The End" is nominated for GRAMMY Country Song of the Year

With Special Guests MacKenzie Porter and Carter Faith Jones

  1. 7:00 PM at Ed Smith Stadium
  2. Girls Empowerment Workshop | TBA at Ed Smith Stadium
  3. Youth Music Mentorship Workshop| TBA at Ed Smith Stadium

MacKenzie Porter is back in Nashville, recording + writing

After her holiday break, MacKenzie Porter is now back home in Nashville to start making some music. Today (January 7) she was back into writing for her first day of work of the year. New music is scheduled for February 2019.

New music coming in 2019

Good news ! MacKenzie Porter recently announced that new music from her upcoming album will be released sometime in February. She also told us that her single 'About You' had been streamed no less than 400,000 times since November 30. Let's continue to support her, share her music with your friends and family! We gonna try to reach 1 million before her birthday (January 29th). Below, find some outtakes from 'About You' and 'Drive Thru' cover shoot.

Travelers: Season 3 - My Review


Okay. Here is my reaction about the third season of 'Travelers' and all that, in all honesty. During the first episodes of this season, I must admit that I struggled to hang and to be interested in the story that was told. I struggled to pin down the main story and I chained the episodes without being very enthusiastic. I found not much interest unfortunately in the story around the faction that I found less exploited. Similarly, I found that the main characters were not highlighted enough for some, I found that their personal stories had been set aside in this new season. I've missed stories around Kat, Grace, David, Carly, Marcy and more.

However. From episode 8, I found back this immense interest I had for this show, and I plunged into the episodes as in the first two seasons. I was totally overwhelmed by the latest episodes that are in my eyes right now (yes, expect from me to see again this season to refine my opinion) the best of this last season. Shit. The shooting against David and the archivist shocked me. Then, this thin hope in which I saw David survive while he was just dying slowly. Damn. David's death. I am still completely upset. 

Then we come to the final episode, I still have my belly completely knotted. Shit. ALL of these actors are so talented. My heart broke once again when Marcy killed herself.

Then came this new hope for the whole team, the hope of starting all over again. And here we come back 17 years ago. SHIT. Really ? I can tell you one thing, I watch too many series. And only a few creators/writers have the audacity to do what those of 'Travelers' have done. Forget the three seasons to start all over again. Oh my God. It's fantastic. It's huge. I want a fourth season. Just one last season to close this series because it can not stop now. No. I have seen too many beautiful series stop on such a cliffhanger.

Guys. You must renew this series. Because despite a season that I found a little bland (and this is only my own opinion), the latest episodes have been so amazing. These last episodes have raised the level more than I could have hoped for. I'll finish this review by mentioning the meeting of Marcy and David in the bus... Guys, you managed to glue again pieces of my heart that had been broken.

So. Renew this series.

MacKenzie Porter & Patrick Gilmore talks with The Gate about 'Travelers' season 3

'Travelers' stars MacKenzie Porter and Patrick Gilmore sat down with THE GATE to talk about Season 3 of Travelers, which is out now on Netflix.

Season three of Travelers has arrived on Netflix, and it’s the show’s best to date. The binge-ready sci-fi series hits a quick reset button to clear up some of the mess that was left after the end of season two, and proceeds to leap into new turmoil, while digging deeper into questions about what’s really happening in the present, and the future. 
Series stars MacKenzie Porter and Patrick Gilmore, who play Marcy and David, were recently in Toronto to chat about the series, and what makes season three tick, and while Brad Wright was listening from the sidelines, the duo revealed some great hints about where the series and their characters are headed. 
“Well, one problem leads to another,” Gilmore said about the first episode. “Even if they think that they’ve plugged that dam, there’s so much pressure coming down on the travelers teams, and all the relationships, it can only be contained so long episode to episode.” 
And the relationships will be pushed to their limits this season, as the travelers have to reconcile how they feel about the people they have come to know in the past.

“Well, I think for Marcy, she’s very concerned about all of the stress that she’s put on David,” Porter said, “and all of the situations that she’s put him in to that have really put his safety into question.”
The two actors also shared some stories from the set, including the time that Porter mistakenly “pistol whipped” one of the stunt men (it’s okay–he’s okay). They also talked about their hopes for the characters, and keeping things exciting, even when there’s a hope to see more between the two.

MacKenzie Porter attends 'Travelers' Season 3 Toronto Premiere

(November 26, 2018) MacKenzie Porter alongside her co-stars Eric McCormack, Patrick Gilmore, Carrie Mudd (executive producer) and Brad Wright (creator) attended 'Travelers' Season 3 Toronto Premiere at Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto (Canada).

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Travelers: Season 3 - Now Available on Netflix

'Travelers' season 3 starring MacKenzie Porter as Marcy Warton is now available worldwide on NETFLIX. For all information about this show be sure to check out this link, for all photos, this link.


Interview: #AskAndrew Ep.17 Mackenzie Porter on Co-Writing in Nashville

This week on #AskAndrew, Andrew hands it off to Mackenzie to answer the questions: "What are your experiences with co-writing down in Nashville? How does the process typically work? "