Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (2013) - TV Movie

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NAME:Guess Who's Coming To Christmas
ROLE:Kelly Harding
GENRE:Comedy, Romance
RELEASE DATE:8 December 2013
directed by:Kristoffer Tabori
produced by:Randy Cheveldave
written by:Tippi Dobrofsky, Neal H. Dobrofsky
music director:Brent Belke
cast:Brent BelkeDrew Lachey, MacKenzie Porter, Ellie Harvie, Peter LaCroix, Evan Bird, Matt Ward


To repair his tarnished image, a jaded rock star publicly decides to fulfill a child's "Dear Santa" Christmas wish. After reluctantly agreeing to spend the holidays in a small town and perform in the local holiday Christmas concert, he's mortified at the prospect of staying in the home of an idyllic, close-knit family but soon realizes the true value in what they have - love, caring and a memorable holiday spirit.

    filming locations    

The movie was flmed in Maple Ridge, British Columbia (Canada). For the New York City exteriors, it was filmed in Yaletown, Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).