Hell on Wheels (2014) - TV series

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NAME:Hell on Wheels
ROLE:Naomi Bohannon
GENRE:Drama, Western
RELEASE DATE:2 August 2014  18 June 2016
country:Canada, UK
running time:42 min
number of episodes:12 episodes
created by:Joe Gayton, Tony Gayton
cast:Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Robin McLeavy, Phil Burke, Christopher Heyerdahl, Dohn Norwood, Common, Kasha Kropinski, Ben Esler, Jennifer Ferrin, ...


Cullen Bohannon, a former soldier and slaveholder, follows the track of a band of Union soldiers, the killers of his wife. This brings him to the middle of one of the biggest projects in US history, the building of the transcontinental railroad. After the war years in the 1860s, this undertaking connected the prospering east with the still wild west.

    character   (attention! may contain spoilers!)    

Naomi Bohannon, born Hatch, is a young Mormon woman who lives in Nebraska with her family. She later became the second wife of Cullen Bohannon after he discovered that she was pregnant with his child.

Source: hellonwheels.wikia.com