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BIRTH NAME: MacKenzie Lea Porter
nickname: Kenzie
DATE OF BIRTH: January 29, 1990
birthplace: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
heigh: 5' 4" (1.63m)
Occupation(s): Singer (country), Actress
instruments: Vocals, Piano, Violin
years active: 2007-present


(1994) At the young age of 4, raised on a cattle and bison ranch in Southern Alberta, MacKenzie began studying piano, violin, and voice.

Growing up in Alberta on her family’s working ranch near Medicine Hat, Porter came by her country bona fides honestly.

"At my house somebody was always singing at the top of their lungs 24/7, and my father and grandfather always played country radio while we worked. So that’s how I fell in love with country music."

At age four, MacKenzie also began studying classical piano, violin and voice.

MacKenzie also toured with a family band, including her brother Kalan Porter (2004 winner of Canadian Idol), before branching out to perform on her own.

After moving to Vancouver to pursue acting, MacKenzie teamed up with musician and actor Andrew Jenkins to form the band 'THE BLACK BOOTS'.

"I started taking film and TV acting classes at the age of 12. I begged my mom to find someone who could help me learn how to become an “actor”. We found an amazing coach. After a couple of years of training, she took me to Vancouver to sign with an agent. I was very fortunate to find an incredibly supportive team which has been with me right from the start."

Since 2007 she has appeared in various TV series and movies (it includes: 'Dinosapien', 'Christmas in Wonderland', 'The Other Woman', 'Wild Roses', 'Supernatural', Ice Quake').

(2009) At the age of 19, MacKenzie went to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

"I was 19. My mom wanted to go because my family is Christian and she wanted us to experience some of the most important Christian historical sites. We went on amazing tours. We went to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Cairo...we saw the pyramids, swam in the Dead Sea and went to Petra in Jordan. I have never learned so much in such a short amount of time. It was funny because before this trip, I couldn’t book an acting part to save my life. I went for over a year without work. After the trip, I had a new perspective on life and what was important. Right after our trip, I started instantly booking. Sometimes you need to get away and see the world and realize what’s really important. This trip did that for me."- MacKenzie about her trip.

(2010) At the age of 20, MacKenzie introduced her solo career after separating from the band The Black Boots. Also in 2010, MacKenzie was awarded the 2010 "Best Actress Award" at the Rosies, the Alberta Film and Television Awards, and was named one of the "Top 11 Talents to Watch" in British Columbia by BC Living.

(2011) At 21, MacKenzie won the Nashville North Star competition and has opened for Kenny Chesney, Doc Walker, Trooper, The Tenors and has performed for such notables as Gene Simmons and Prime Minister Harper. She also performed as part of 2011's Ottawa Capital Hoedown, featuring Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert.

The same year, she appeared in 'Endgame', 'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour' and 'Finding a Family'.

(October 2012) At the age of 22, MacKenzie released her debut single, "I Wish I'd Known". This year, she appeared in a few TV movies including 'Seattle Superstorm', 'A Killer Among Us', 'The Horses of McBride'. She also did another episode of 'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour', and also a short movie 'Chained'.

(2013) At the age of 23, Her second single, "Never Gonna Let You" was released. This one was co-written and produced by Carolyn Dawn Johnson. The same year, she was chosen as one of six acts for the inaugural Canadian Country Music Association Discovery Program. She was also nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2013 Canadian Country Music Association Awards.

"I was ecstatic and surprised. At the time, I had only released my first single so I was definitely not expecting it. An email was sent to me around 6am from my marketing and radio promotion person but I, of course, didn’t wake up till 10am so by then my Twitter was blowing up. I think I checked my Twitter before my email so that’s how I found out. I immediately sent out a group text with lots of exclamation marks and dancing smiley faces to my boyfriend and my family." - MacKenzie about her nomination for the Rising Star Award at the 2013 Canadian Country Music Association Awards.

The same year, she appeared in 'Tom, Dick & Harriet', 'Leap 4 Your Life', 'Guess Who's Coming to Christmas'.

(2014) At the age of 24, she released her debut album 'MacKenzie Porter' on July 15, 2014. The same year she moved to Nashville.

"My new single is simply about falling head-over-heels in love at a young age and believing that that love will take root, grow and with time, become bigger and stronger…just like a tall Jack Pine! It is about believing “true love” can last and the will to sacrifice everything to make sure it does. I’m really proud of this song and the video. I am really hoping that people relate to the story." - MacKenzie about her single 'If You Ask Me To'.

(2015) At the age of 25, MacKenzie appeared in 2 episodes of 'Blackstone' TV series but also got a main role in the fourth season of AMC's American Western TV series, 'Hell on Wheels'.

"I was actually living in LA in a house with four other actresses. Two of the other girls got the audition for Naomi first so I helped them tape their auditions (me being the reader on the other side of the camera.) I remember being kinda bummed because I didn’t get asked to audition. Finally, a couple days later my agent called and said, “Can you tape this today? I need it tonight.” Fortunately, I already knew the lines from working it with my roommates so I quickly put on makeup, put on my “period style audition outfit” and had my roommates help me put it on tape. I booked it the following of that audition tape." - MacKenzie about her audition for 'Hell on Wheels'.

MacKenzie also said she watched numerous documentaries and read books about Mormonism and the time period to prepare for this role (nb: 'Hell on Wheels').

(2016) At the age of 26, MacKenzie was cast as Marcy Warton in Showcase/Netflix newest show 'Travelers'.

"I actually auditioned originally for Nesta Cooper’s role Carly, and then they said they liked me but they thought I would be a bit better for Marcy. So I didn’t know the character of Marcy when I auditioned, but when I got her character description I just knew that that was the role I would want to play. She’s such a complex character and I get to do so many cool things as an actress, from playing somebody who has a disability to… I did fight training – in the first episode there’s a big fight scene that I got to do myself, so I trained for that – and then a lot of medical stuff. Every day on set I had nurses or doctors making sure I was doing everything properly. So it’s just kind of a dream job for me. I essentially get to play two different characters."

Additionally, in 2016, MacKenzie was featured on Chris Lane’s ‘Circles’ from his Top 10 US Country record, 'Girl Troubles'.

(2017) In addition to filming 'Travelers' tv series, between her trips back and forth between Vancouver & Nashville, MacKenzie is taking advantage of her free time to continue writing her future album, which she has been preparing for several months.

(2018) At the age of 28 and after working on it since a long time, MacKenzie is finally able to drop the first two tracks 'About You' and 'Drive Thru' of her newest EP on November 30, 2018.

MacKenzie is an accomplished actress and her credits include numerous feature films and television productions. She has worked with such names as Patrick Swayze, Michael Madsen, Aidan Quinn, Jason Priestley and Kim Coates, to name a few.

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