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November 30, 2018 St├ęphanie 0 Comments

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MacKenzie Porter can never be accused of being lazy.

For years the Medicine Hat born-and-bred performer has juggled singing and acting careers. Things are no different as 2018 comes to a close.

“I never stop going,” she said. “I absolutely love doing this. I love being busy and especially because I don’t feel like I’m working ever. These are my passions so it’s fun for me.”

Porter was speaking while travelling an Ontario highway last week between meetings with Spotify and radio spots. She’s releasing her first new music in five years today and has been across the country promoting the singles “About You” and “Drive Thru.”

Porter’s spent most of the past few years in front of the camera, first with the AMC show “Hell on Wheels,” now with her current Netflix show “Travelers.” On a break from that show, she’s ready to put the microphone first.

“I’ve been working towards this for so long that I’m so ready to finally have people hear what I’ve been working on,” she said. “I moved to Nashville and have been writing every single day for two and a half years when I’m not filming my show and it just took me some time to develop the kind of new music I want to put out.”

All that writing time means today’s releases are just the tip of the iceberg. “In the new year we’re dropping song after song after song. People can expect every few months there’ll be new music out.” An album and big tour (that she can’t say much about for now) are coming in the new year.

“About You” and “Drive Thru” continue Porter’s penchant for songs from a personal place. She said she believes telling your own story is the only way to have people relate to your music.

“Chances are if I’ve gone through it other girls have gone through it or guys have gone through it,” she said.

Though not written by her, Porter felt an instant connection to “About You,” a song about messing up a relationship and not getting a second chance.

“Drive Thru” is a defiant anthem reminiscent of her 2015 song “Rodeo.” That song features Porter setting a suitor straight before any relationship begins, while “Drive Thru” has Porter laying down the law a little later on.

“I feel like anybody can feel that way where it’s like ‘oh no, you’re not going to call me whenever you want and it be on your terms’ and it’s a fun way of saying that,” she explained.

As for the screen, season three of “Travelers” is out on Dec. 14. The end of last season saw the quintet expose themselves as time travelers. The story picks up with the quintet trying to clean up that mess. Porter’s character Marcy is also dealing with a more personal struggle.

“For me and David, my character feels very guilty about putting him a lot of different positions that have harmed him,” Porter said. “She feels very protective of David and honestly a lot of crazy s*** happens. I can’t talk about it but the whole season three ends very sad and I think people are going to be so shocked.”