Wild Roses (2009) - TV series

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NAME:Wild Roses
GENRE:Drama, Romance
RELEASE DATE:10 February 2009 & 10 March 2009
running time:43 min
number of episodes:2 episodes
created by:Miranda de Pencier, Amy Cameron
cast:Steve Byers, Michelle Harrison, Gary Hudson, Kim Huffman, Amy Lalonde, Adam MacDonald, Sarah Power, Clare Stone


David McGregor's family owns an oil firm and the vast Rivercross estate in Alberta. His late father however donated the original land to the Henrys. The heiress and her all-female offspring refuse to sell it back, although they can barely scrape together payments on the mortgage David bought. David's sons, responsible lawyer Will and immature horse-wrangler Peter, would prefer to be friends with their neighbors, each having a soft spot for a Henry girl. David's daughter Rebecca is a schemer herself, planning a loveless marriage to politician Trevor.